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Adam was born and raised in North Carolina. His passion for building and understanding structures led him to pursue an education in architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design. 

      In 2007, Adam earned a Bachelors degree in Architecture from SCAD . During his time at SCAD, Adam put himself through school by working in the service industry where he learned managerial skills, inventory management, financial statement preparation, and maintenance management.

    While pursuing his Masters degree in Savannah, Adam had the opportunity to become a partner in a new establishment which required his management experience, design skills, and sensitivity to sustainable development. By becoming a partner in the project, he had the unique opportunity to direct the project from concept development through construction completion. 

    Adam's thesis utilized sustainable practices in the construction process and everyday operation of the business. 


After 4 years as a partner in a successful company, owning three different establishments, he decided to sell his business and relocate to Bogota, Colombia seeking broadened experiences that only a different culture can provide.

     With his managerial skills, he was hired by a clothing manufacturing company to improve their production process.

     Adam was successful in stabilize inventory management by overseeing the constant flow of raw materials in less than a year; he began with managing employees’ efficiency. He taught employees a different style of work while improving their approach on problem solving skills.

     After the invaluable experiences in Bogota, Adam is looking forward to returning to his career and future in the architectural field in the US.

Adam has been working as and Architect in NYC with a focus as an interior Architect. He has also provided clients with the a visual experience of rendering understand the projects before completion. 

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